Monday, July 22, 2013

I never gave up my Barbie

I kept my Barbie dolls in a blue and green suitcase that was my Aunt Denise's in the 1970s. I loved those dolls and loved that suitcase. My SAHM watched a lot of All My Children while she folded laundry and I played with my dolls. These dolls had similar drama in their lives complete with love triangles, long lost evil twins and wicked step-sisters.

I had two beautiful Ken dolls that I borrowed to a friend for her Skipper. It was supposed to be for a short while but her dogs ate them, so I kept her Skipper and had to make do with a boy doll. I had a floppy rabbit and a strange doll that looked like a boy. It worked.

The love for my Barbies became obsessive, so I obviously turned into a Collector. My friend and I took our obsession with Barbies and Arts & Crafts, remodeled her old Barbie house and started collecting Barbie dolls.

I couldn't wait to give my daughter my old dolls. I loved them and it made me feel amazing to be able to pass these dolls to my daughter. It was something that I thought about and dreamed about long before I became a mom. However, we bought her a set of Disney Princess dolls before I could dig out my old dolls and now she has more dolls than I could have imagined. We had to get a whole cabinet for her dolls, they out grew the blue suitcase long ago (and she is only 5 years old).

My favorite doll:
Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble Barbie(r...
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I really want to get this for my, uh, daughter:

BARBIE(r) Sisters Bike for Two!
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My daughter's favorite Barbie Movie:

Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD
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*The sun still shines on a few of my dolls that she insisted on keeping, Plus, my Princess of Power, She-Ra doll is one of her favorites and that can't be replaced.  

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