Monday, July 22, 2013

I never gave up my Barbie

I kept my Barbie dolls in a blue and green suitcase that was my Aunt Denise's in the 1970s. I loved those dolls and loved that suitcase. My SAHM watched a lot of All My Children while she folded laundry and I played with my dolls. These dolls had similar drama in their lives complete with love triangles, long lost evil twins and wicked step-sisters.

I had two beautiful Ken dolls that I borrowed to a friend for her Skipper. It was supposed to be for a short while but her dogs ate them, so I kept her Skipper and had to make do with a boy doll. I had a floppy rabbit and a strange doll that looked like a boy. It worked.

The love for my Barbies became obsessive, so I obviously turned into a Collector. My friend and I took our obsession with Barbies and Arts & Crafts, remodeled her old Barbie house and started collecting Barbie dolls.

I couldn't wait to give my daughter my old dolls. I loved them and it made me feel amazing to be able to pass these dolls to my daughter. It was something that I thought about and dreamed about long before I became a mom. However, we bought her a set of Disney Princess dolls before I could dig out my old dolls and now she has more dolls than I could have imagined. We had to get a whole cabinet for her dolls, they out grew the blue suitcase long ago (and she is only 5 years old).

My favorite doll:
Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble Barbie(r...
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I really want to get this for my, uh, daughter:

BARBIE(r) Sisters Bike for Two!
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My daughter's favorite Barbie Movie:

Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD
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*The sun still shines on a few of my dolls that she insisted on keeping, Plus, my Princess of Power, She-Ra doll is one of her favorites and that can't be replaced.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Looking back at the preschool years

Today my daughter graduated from preschool. Her teachers created a wonderful ceremony and gave the perfect gifts.The kids were lined up in their caps and gowns to sign their favorite songs and I watched my daughter and her classmates. I was in love!

Preschool is an amazing time in your child's life! The world is still so new and there are so many things to learn and explore.Each kid stood in front of their parents and random family members smiling and laughing. They were proud, but not sure why they were proud; they were also scared, not sure what to do with the fear and excitement.

I feel like everything is happening so fast and it is very cliche. I remember the doctor's appointment where I knew that I wasn't pregnant and was proven wrong. I remember driving to my boyfriend's house after that appointment and crying because I was so happy. I remember holding my baby, my daughter the moment after she was born. The rest is a blur of hair, chubby cheeks and a little girl that grew way too fast.

Preschool was an amazing time for my toddler. I watched her grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I was really lucky to be working at my daughter's first daycare/preschool and become good friends with her teacher. She did amazing things like recite her first book, learn to paint real pictures, recognize her letters and numbers. She learned about sharing and what it means to play in a group. She learned how to deal with bullies and friends' having a bad day. Most importantly my preschooler learner that school is fun!

My baby girl is growing into a beautiful young girl. She is amazing and I am so proud of her. I need to remember two things:

  1. slow down and watch her play
  2. not to cry until the bus drives away